Tamper Proof Security labels

Security seal stickers are Great for Indoor and Outdoor Used, Waterproof, Oil Proof, and Sun Resistant.

A general term is a tamper-proof sticker created to help improve the security of the object to which it is affixed. This could be working as a visual deterrent, tracking the object’s location, preventing counterfeiting, or providing visual proof that the label has been tampered with.

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The Security Labels sticker number in each pack is sequential. But no duplication number, all numbers are Uniqueness, so there is no same number even in a different pack. This Security Labels sticker is small and unsuitable for sealing the cartoon/paper box, as it’s not as strong adhesive as packaging tape. You can cut a circle of 20mm with paper to check the size before ordering.

Tamper proof labels are explicitly applied to labels that provide evidence of tampering (tamper evident labels). These tamper seal stickers are available in wide varieties according to shape and design.