Adhesive labels

When you need a label that will stick around, these All-Purpose Labels are just the tool you’re looking for. The white rectangular labels are easily customizable and suitable for various purposes. Apply them as identification markers on any number of different objects.

They can be used on documents, mailings, tracking items, and more. Whatever your mission, the permanent adhesive ensures that your label will stick to its task, staying just where you put it.

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They are designed with Permanent adhesive to keep the label securely in place. The White label offers easy customization. This adhesive label is suitable for a variety of purposes and can be used on documents for mailings tracking items, and more.

Adhesive Labels

The adhesive is the sticky side on the underside of the label. From coolers to freezers, permanent to removable, we offer a variety of adhesives to meet your needs. In recent years, the types of labels have been steadily expanding in the label converting business. We currently offer self-adhesive label products such as blank or single color without printing, full color, decorative labels, and double layer tear-off labels.

These come with considerable varieties in size, design, and printing. You can find Printing Custom Labels. The solid adhesive label With the capability of printing colors in one pass, and reverse printing, the possibilities are endless. TBL offers solutions to labels, labeling, and all packaging needs.

Self-Adhesive Labels

We produce self-adhesive labels with plain and colour wash / tinted labels for all industry sectors. With our extensive knowledge of labeling applications, we can provide blank labels tailored to the printer specification of the customer.

Used mainly for product identification, variable data printing, case labeling, barcoding, and logistics. These are high-grade materials to ensure the best results.

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